Boiler Titan mini lux NEW

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  • digital display
  • two or three heating modes
  • temperature limiter with alarm
  • protective machines
  • four connecting pipes
  • Wi-Fi module (option)
    • 2736 uah.
    • 3828 uah.
    • 2736 uah.
    • 3828 uah.


Mini luxury boilers are the undisputed best-seller among Titan electric boilers. This is a profitable option for installation in apartments and private houses. Taking into account the high demand of consumers, the Titan company has developed a new and improved model of an already existing bestseller. Boiler Titan mini luxury new has a digital display for more convenient operation. Installed in both new and existing heating systems with devices operating in parallel, in addition to other types of heating devices.

Titan mini luxury electric boilers heat rooms with an area of 30 to 150 m2. They are produced with a power from 3 to 15 kW with a power supply voltage of 220 V and 380 V. The heating element in the boilers is block-TENs (tubular electric heaters) made of stainless steel.

Electric boilers are installed in floor and wall versions, are universal in terms of connection to the heating system and have four outlet connecting pipes, located two on the left and right sides of the product. All modifications of mini series boilers are equipped with an additional output for connecting an external thermostat or daily programmer.

The basic equipment of the boiler includes:

  • two or three heating modes;
  • digital display;
  • temperature limiter with alarm;
  • protective machines.

Additionally, they can be equipped with the following options:

  • Wi-Fi

The warranty period for the Titan Mini Lux electric boiler is set for 12 months from the date of sale according to the stamp of the trading organization. The manufacturer reserves the right to make structural changes to the device that do not impair its performance in any way.


Power, kW Voltage, V Diameters of inlet and outlet pipes, inch Components of stage power, kW Overall dimensions, mm Weight, kg, not more than
width depth height
3 220 1 1,5+1,5 260 135 585 8
4,5 220/380 1 1,5+1,5+1,5 260 135 585 8
6 220/380 1 2+2+2 260 135 585 8
7,5 380 1 2,5+2,5+2,5 260 135 585 8
9 380 1 3+3+3 260 135 585 8
12 380 1 4+4+4 260 135 585 8
15 380 1 5+5+5 260 135 585 8

* The data are the full overall dimensions, including the boiler body and the elements protruding on it (buttons, regulators, pipes, valves, etc.). The manufacturer reserves the right to make structural changes to the device without notifying the consumer. Changes are displayed on this site and in the price list first.

During installation, the user must take into account the distance required for servicing the boiler.

Overall dimensions


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