Heating elements for boilers and water heaters

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For electric boilers and water heaters from 1.5 to 120 kW.

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The tubular electric heater is designed to convert electrical energy into thermal energy and is used to heat water and coolant in industrial plants and household appliances. The heater can be used in direct contact with the heating medium, since there is no voltage on the shell of the heater. The heater is a heating element with a flange on which there is a separate brass contact. Depending on the design features, in Titanium products, blocks of heating elements are used in heating and water heating systems. The heating element must work directly in the environment for which it is intended. The active part of the heating element must be completely placed in the working environment.

For boilers and water heaters Titan, blocks of heating elements with a power of 1.5 kW to 15 kW are used.

The block of heating elements is a heating element with a flange on which tubular electric heaters (TEHs) are mounted. Each heater has contact petals coated with a special alloy by an anti-corrosion galvanic method. There are mounting holes for connecting the power wire. The shell material of the heating element is stainless steel. By prior agreement with the customer, it is possible to manufacture the shell of the heating element from copper.

The installation or replacement of the heating element or the block of heating elements must be carried out exclusively by certified specialists. The heating element is an important element for Titan products, so it is necessary to carefully monitor its operation. The shell of the heating element used for heating water must be periodically cleaned of scale, oil or coke deposits.


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